Find music tracks for television and film

  • Selected tracks from Music for Dance albums that are ideally suited for television and film. CLICK HERE to browse the selection

Find music tracks for dance lessons

  • All Music for Dance albums are composed and produced specifically with the dance teacher/dance maker in mind. Ideal albums are MFD4, MFD5 & MFD6

Find music tracks for children's dance

  • The hugely popular Early Years volumes offer a fantastic range of mood and dynamic. Ideal albums are EY1 & EY2 for dance with younger children.


  • Thank you Chistopher Benstead for such a fantastic workshop. So refreshing and joyous! Thanks for organising
    Jade Adamson - Freelance dance artist
  • I listened to cd straight through today - I love it! I appreciate dance movement inspiration from the different moods of the pieces, and the length of the songs is perfect for my little 4-10 year old dancers. Thanks so much!
    Kimberly Walcott
  • I'm really pleased with my CD and have been using it with my Reception class.
    Emma Taylor
  • My year 5's regularly warm-up to the first track on the Early Years CD. I think it is just the right length for them, very interesting and ideal for taking them through flexibility moves into aerobic exercise and then back to a calm place once again.
    Alison Woodward
  • First of all I would like to tell you how much the children I teach from age 4 to 7 enjoy your music.
    Kate Jones
  • Thank you for the excellent service and inspiring dance music.
    Penny Mathias
  • I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the new CD I have just bought - Double Act. I am already in love with some of the tracks and have started choreographing pieces for the performing arts students I teach. It is wonderful to find inspiration come so easily again just by listening to your music. Many thanks. Look forward to the next one!
    Julie Pedrick
  • Thank you for sending your new music for dance CD. I am absolutely thrilled with it and am looking forward to using in class this week. The children always want to dance when they hear your music.
    Kate Jones
  • Love the music and so do the kids I teach. So good I think someone nabbed the Early Years cd, hence I had to buy another one!!
    Debbie Gilbert
  • Thank you so much for the most fantastic and incredibly dancing-swinging Music! I put on the disc and could not sit any more - but I had immediately to dance!
    Gaby Haneklaus
  • I have received your cd's - they are fabulous. I teach a lot of contemporary and have even been using them in the ballet classes I teach. The students say they work harder because the music is so rich.
    Debbie Galloway
  • Love the CD! Thank you so much.
    Janice Parker
  • I listened to this CD during a workshop as part of an Aesthetics Masters ( European Masters in ECE) in Glasgow where I formed part of the teaching staff. It really is great to work with and I will certainly be using it during my movement and creative work in Drama Education.
    Isabelle Gatt
  • I bought your Double Album at last NDTA conference and have been using it ever since.
    Lucilla Royden
  • Since I´ve got your music I can not imagine one kids dance class without it! the kids enjoy it so much, and I myself too! thank you for your amazing work! best wishes from Austria.
    Katharina Trimmel

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